My token balance is not showing up correctly in the BCD Pay. How can I fix it?

There are several possible reasons for balances not showing up in the BCD Pay correctly:

  • The app is not connected to the internet or there is a technical problems on our servers. In this case the app should show internet connection problem message or the message about server maintenance
  • The app is out of sync with blockchain. To verify this just pull the list of currencies down to trigger manual refresh or simply force-close and restart the app and let it resync
  • Your balance change is not yet a part of the blockchain. If the transaction was just sent, or the fee is too low or simply the blockchain is under a heavy load it can take a while before the transaction gets confirmed and added to your balance. Such transactions are shown as unconfirmed in currency details screen, all you can do is wait until they get confirmed
  • If none of the above is the case please make sure the balance you’re expecting BCD Pay to show is actually a correct balance. To do please visit one of the public blockchain explorer services and check balance on addresses displayed in BCD Pay. If it is different and nothing else helps please contact support with screenshots of your balances in BCD Pay. Additionally please specify the address where the balance is incorrect.

My transactions aren't going through / My transactions keep failing!

If you cannot create a new transaction, please follow the error message BCD Pay shows  (e.g. you’ve entered amount larger than your balance or amount was too small etc.). If the BCD Pay shows you an error with an internal code it means that something went wrong with the blockchain integration and you should contact support (specifying your blockchain address, amount you tried to send and who you tried to send it to).


If BCD Pay has created transaction, it shows as “Unconfirmed” for a while, but it does not get confirmed, then please consider the fee size and current blockchain load. Sometimes for a small fee it can take several hours for Bitcoin transactions to be added to the blockchain. If you’re sure that enough time has passed and transaction is still not confirmed please contact support specifying transaction id and we will check what has gone wrong.

I'm getting a error on my transactions. What can be done?

If you cannot create a new transaction please follow the error message BCD Pay shows you (e.g. you’ve entered amount larger than your balance or amount was too small etc.). If BCD Pay shows you an error with internal code it means that something went wrong with the blockchain integration and you should contact support (specifying your blockchain address, amount you tried to send and who you tried to send it to).

Can I return my funds if I sent crypto by mistake?

Unfortunately not. All transactions added to the blockchain are final and cannot be reversed. So please be very careful when entering recipient address on new transaction creation.

My wallet is stuck on initializing! What now?

Please try to restart your phone and launch BCD Pay again. If it does not help please contact our support.

What are the fees in your wallet?

BCD Pay does not charge any fees. The only fees you pay are the ones going to the miners of a particular blockchain.

Why is it important to secure my Backup Phrase immediately after creating a new BCD Pay?

Your backup phrase allows you to restore your wallet completely (on another or the same device) with all data, including private keys and assets. If you delete the BCD Pay and you did not backup your seed phrase all your balances will be lost forever.

My bitcoin (BTC) transactions seem to be taking a long time. How can I fix it?

Bitcoin transactions can take up to several hours to be added to the blockchain. On extreme circumstances it can take even longer. All you can do is wait until the confirmation happens.

Can I transfer my ICO tokens into BCD Pay?

Not yet. We’re working on support for all kinds of tokens in future BCD Pay versions, but for now it is not possible to see your token balances in the app.

What security standards does this wallet follow?

All BCD Pay transactions (as in the other wallets) are secured by the blockchain itself. So the only concern might be the storage of your private keys. In the BCD Pay we do not store the keys themselves, but a seed phrase used to restore all the keys at runtime. And the seed phrase itself is encrypted using AES-256 on Android and built-in secure keystore on iOS. Seed phrase does not leave your device and is never stored permanently unencrypted.

Who owns the private keys?

Private keys are simply sets of random data derived from your seed phrase (which is also a random data sequence encoded mnemonically). While you have your seed phrase in a secure location, your keys are your own and no one else has access to them.

What will happen if I set fees to a minimum?

You cannot select an arbitrary fee in BCD Pay, we always have some minimum option so that your transaction gets processed quickly enough. So the only thing that could happen if you set a minimum fee is that it will take longer for the transfer to be confirmed by the blockchain.

Where can I use BCD Pay?

You can use BCD Pay at any location where cryptocurrency is accepted, including hundreds of BCD Pay-enabled locations.

Why should I use the BCD Pay over the others?

The BCD Pay is going to bring a big set of features the customers got accustomed to in traditional financial apps, including loyalty program and fast qr-code payments.

Why can’t I see my transaction history?

See the answer for ‘My token balance is not showing up correctly in the BCD Pay. How can I fix it?’

Do you have any plans on adding ShapeShift or Changelly for cryptocurrency conversions?

Yes, definitely not in the first version, but soon.

Can I export my private keys?

Not in the current version, but it is planned for the later release. However you can see your seed phrase which is used to generate all the private keys for your wallet.

How can I add ERC-20 tokens?

Erc20 tokens can be added in ETH section and not on the main screen. In the upcoming BCD Pay version you would be able to “pin” a token to the main page.

What new features are you planning to add in the future?

Support for more currencies, direct integration with Wallet Core, directory of all merchants accepting BCD Pay payments and other features.

I’m from the UK, are you planning to add a support of GDB to the list of preferred currencies?

Yes, we’re going to expand the list gradually as soon as demand starting to grow in specific regions.

I forgot my pin. What should I do?

If you forgot your pin the only way to restore access to your wallet is to restore it from your seed phrase. To do this you will have to delete BCD Pay app, reinstall it and then use Restore Wallet screen to re-enter your seed phrase.

I lost my recovery phrase. Is there any chance to get access to my wallet back?

No, the only way to get access to your wallet is by having the seed phrase. So it is very important to have it stored in a secure location (or several).

Why EOS? How it is different from other cryptos?

EOS does not charge for each transaction, like other cryptocurrencies do. And while transactions are completely free you have to reserve some amount of system resources to use for processing your outgoing transactions.

 You can think about EOS like a big server with limited amount of RAM, CPU cycles and network bandwidth. And these are the resources you can reserve (for CPU and network) or buy (for RAM).

How it works?

Every transaction (if you just use EOS account to send transactions) takes a little CPU and network resources. Amount you reserve is a daily amount and if you receive CPU or network resources exhaustion message you can simply wait until you get more resource the next day.

Situation with RAM is different. The RAM you buy is yours and is used to store important information for your account. For basic EOS usage 4 KiB of RAM is almost always enough and you do not have to buy more RAM. However this does not mean you should not. When you buy or sell RAM it happens through internal EOS marketplace. And it is possible to buy RAM cheap when its price is low and sell it later on peak RAM demand. This is specific for RAM only: network and CPU resources when freed are always refunded for the same amount of EOS as purchased.